Parts of California to Experience a “Monster Storm”

February 5, 2024

I’ve never seen anything like it.

California resident Keki Mingus on flood waters in the neighborhood of Studio City in Los Angeles – a dangerous weather pattern has impacted the state bringing historic rain and flooding.

Big Picture: Forecasters expect a “potentially historic” storm putting many parts of the state on high alert and causing evacuation orders and warnings across Central and Northern California, with some rain records already surpassing those set nearly 100 years ago.

The National Weather Service warns of “locally catastrophic and life-threatening flooding,” adding that “the system will stall, bringing heavy rain through Monday afternoon.” The Los Angeles Times states, “For some of the populous areas of Southern California, this storm will bring winds that will actually be ‘much stronger’ than Tropical Storm Hilary last August, especially in the lower elevations.”

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by Sarah Pinkerton,