Pelosi husband attacked

October 28, 2022

They immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took him into custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid.

San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott on the law enforcement response to an attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Why It Matters: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the third in line for the U.S. presidency. “The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation,” according to the local San Francisco police.

What We Know: When police arrived, they saw the suspect (David DePape, who allegedly broke into Pelosi’s home in the middle of the night) and Paul Pelosi holding onto the same hammer: “At the scene, police observed both Pelosi and DePape holding onto the same hammer before DePape pulled the hammer away and ‘violently assaulted’ Pelosi with it, Scott [the San Francisco Police Department Chief] said” (S.F. Chronicle).

Suspect who allegedly attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband with hammer at their SF home identified

by Jenna Lee,