pentagon attack

August 4, 2021
pentagon attack

This fallen officer died in the line of duty, helping protect the tens of thousands of people who work in — and who visit — the Pentagon on a daily basis.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on the murder of a Pentagon police officer.
  • The incident happened outside the Pentagon at a Metro bus platform.
  • A man stabbed a Pentagon police officer, who died; other officers shot the attacker, who was killed.
  • Both the man and the fallen officer have yet to be identified; *waiting on official identification from the Pentagon.* We do not have more details on motive.
  • With incidents like this, we always ask if terrorism is involved – but we have no information on that yet.
  • The Pentagon temporarily went into lockdown.
  • Why It Matters: Heightened security of federal buildings after the riot on January 6 highlighted the importance of those who protect not only federal employees but federal property.

Here's the official information from the Pentagon

by Jenna Lee,