Pentagon press briefing

March 14, 2022
Pentagon briefing on March 14, 2022.

… the Ukrainians continue to fight back very bravely and skillfully.”

Pentagon Press Sec. John Kirby on the Ukrainian’s resistance to Russian forces.
  • When asked about Sunday's missile strike on a military base in western Ukraine, Kirby said it's clear Russian forces are expanding some of their target points.
  • However, when asked about Pres. Putin's potential message behind the strike, he said: "… let's not get focused only on a weekend strike on a training facility. Look at the damage and the death he's causing in places like Kiev and Kharkiv and Mariupol … He clearly has more than a message in mind here. He clearly has the occupation of Ukraine in mind … I want to be careful here that we're not reducing the kind of damage and death he's causing to some sort of message signaling."
  • Kirby also covered these updates:

1. Over the weekend, Pres. Biden approved another $200 million in aid for Ukraine; the Dept. of Defense is currently working on how to materialize this aid.

2. Kirby noted the U.S. is going to "continue to flow security assistance to the Ukrainians as fast as we can and as nimbly as we can," adding that the shipments are "getting into the hands of the Ukrainians."

Big Picture: Kirby said the little progress Russian forces have made in their invasion of Ukraine is partly "due to their own stumbles and missteps and logistical problems. But a lot of it … is due to the Ukrainian resistance and how adaptive they are proving to be on the field, and frankly, on the street."

Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing, March 14, 2022

by Jenna Lee,