Pfizer seeks approval of RSV vaccine

November 1, 2022

… this offers the potential for a safe and effective vaccine that could really dramatically help to prevent RSV during the winter season.

Pfizer’s senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development, Dr. William Gruber, as Pfizer announces it will file for FDA approval of its RSV vaccine designed for newborns. Dr. Gruber said the vaccine could be available “in advance of next winter.”

Why It Matters: In the trial, Pfizer found that its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine, when given to pregnant women, was about 80% effective at preventing severe RSV disease in the women’s infants within the first three months of life and about 70% through the first six months. While Pfizer still needs to file for approval with the FDA (which it intends to do by the end of the year), the announcement comes as RSV cases reach unseasonably high numbers across the U.S.

Pfizer could be the first company to file a RSV vaccine with the FDA, though other companies are currently testing similar vaccines.

*The information from Pfizer has not been published in a journal or peer reviewed. This information is coming directly from a press release.*

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by Jenna Lee,