Pittsburgh synagogue shooter sentenced to death

August 2, 2023
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Weigh it — and when you’re done, impose the only punishment that is sufficient under our law: A sentence of death.

U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Eric Olshan, in his closing statements two days before a jury unanimously decided that the gunman who killed 11 people at a Jewish synagogue in 2018 will receive the death penalty.

Why It Matters: The shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in 2018 is the most deadly antisemitic attack in United States history. On Wednesday in a federal trial, the 12-person jury sentenced the 50-year-old shooter shooter to death for his crimes (63 gun-related and hate-crime counts). The New York Times reports, "The judge will formally impose the sentence at a hearing on Thursday morning, when families of some victims are expected to address the court."

The victims of the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue were Joyce Fienberg, 75; Rose Mallinger, 97; Richard Gottfried, 65; Daniel Stein, 71; Melvin Wax, 87; Jerry Rabinowitz, 66; Irving Younger, 69; husband and wife Bernice Simon, 84, and Sylvan Simon, 86; and brothers Cecil Rosenthal, 59, and David Rosenthal, 54. Read about the victims HERE.

Big Picture: Bowers and 40 others are on federal death row. Bowers' execution date is currently undetermined, with his lawyers expected to file appeals – extending the process for what could be years. Bowers is the first person to receive the death penalty by a federal jury since 2019.

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by Jenna Lee,