Poland and NATO: Missile Was Not Russian Attack

November 16, 2022
A photo of buildings in Poland

We have no indication that this was the result of a deliberate attack.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on initial findings regarding a missile strike which landed in Poland on Tuesday, killing two, amid countrywide bombardment by Russia in Ukraine.

What Happened: Investigations began after a deadly missile strike landed in Poland, about 4 miles from the Ukraine border; reports suggested it could have been fired by Russia. Had that been the case, it would mark the first time a Russian missile landed in a NATO country since Russia invaded Ukraine, risking a significant escalation in the nearly 9-month war (NATO = the world's largest military alliance which is based on "collective defense").

Why It Matters: Initial findings have suggested this was not a deliberate attack. It was likely a missile launched from Ukraine (part of their air defense system against oncoming missiles, according to The WSJ) that was defending itself from Russia, which Axios reports, had "launched one of its biggest barrages of strikes against Ukrainian cities since the beginning of the war" on Tuesday. Still, Stoltenberg said Wednesday: "This is not Ukraine’s fault. Russia bears ultimate responsibility."

Poland, NATO say missile strike wasn’t a Russian attack (The Associated Press)

Poland, NATO say deadly explosion likely caused by Ukraine air defense (Axios)

NATO Says Missile That Hit Poland Was Likely Ukraine Air Defense (The Wall Street Journal)

by Jenna Lee,