Popular Science Technology Editor Stan Horaczek on a Viral Video of Dancing Robots by Boston Dynamics.

January 5, 2021
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…you’d almost believe the robots are having a good time together if you didn’t know they’re just performing their programmed movements.

  • The video shows two of the Boston Dynamics “Atlas” robots dancing to “Do You Love Me?”
  • As Boston Dynamics describes its business: “Changing your idea of what robots can do.”
  • In December, Hyundai recently bought a $1B+ stake in Boston-dynamics.
  • Why It Matters: Horaczek says it best: “It seems like just yesterday we were watching other humanoid robots fail catastrophically (and hilariously) when trying to achieve simple tasks like walking up a set of stairs. Now they’re all but ready to start their own TikTok channel and become full-fledged influencers.” Horaczek says some of Boston Dynamics robots are now available for purchase at just under $75,000. This raises the question about when robots will become more of a part of mainstream life, dancing and all!

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by Jenna Lee,