Pres. Biden: Additional Docs Found

January 23, 2023

… six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials.

President Joe Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, explaining what the Department of Justice found at Pres. Biden’s home in Delaware on Friday.

What To Know: The Department of Justice found six more documents with classified markings while searching President Biden’s home in Delaware on Friday. The documents were from his U.S. Senate career (1973 to 2009) and his vice presidency (2009 to 2017). The president offered his Delaware residence to be searched by the DOJ. For a timeline leading up to the recent findings, check out our card stack here.

Why It Matters: The recent findings are the fourth batch of documents the public has learned about this month, though exact contents remain unknown. A special counsel investigation is underway; Reminder: A special counsel is a lawyer who operates independently of day-to-day DOJ oversight in order to prevent a potential conflict of interest or determined to be necessary in any other extraordinary circumstances.” For a comparison between the Pres. Biden and Pres. Trump cases, click here (Note: the article was published prior to Friday’s findings).

Justice Department found more classified items in Biden home search (Reuters)

The FBI searched Biden’s home and found more classified documents (NPR)

by Jenna Lee,