Pres. Biden on a response to Russia

February 22, 2022
Pres. Biden responds to Russian action in Eastern Europe.

Whatever Russia does next, we are ready to respond with unity, clarity and conviction.

Pres. Biden with America’s response to Russia recognizing the independence of two contested areas of Ukraine.
  • The President announced the first round of sanctions targeting two large Russian financial institutions, including their "military bank.”
  • Pres. Biden says the goal is to cut the Russian government from critical Western financing, as well target Russian elites (and their family members) with financial sanctions as well.
  • The U.S. President says more sanctions could be coming depending on Russia’s next actions.
  • Pres. Biden also announced the movement of American troops *already in Europe* to NATO ally countries (like Latvia and Lithuania).
  • The President noted that these efforts could disrupt the oil markets and impact Americans – but he would work to blunt that impact: “Defending freedom will have costs."
  • Why This Matters: The Presidents latest remarks map a consequence for Russian action in Eastern Europe, and an escalation between world powers. A question remains as to whether the U.S. Sec. of State and his Russian counterpart will meet on Thursday (as previously scheduled).

    Here's the President's remarks – to be updated as transcript becomes available.

by Jenna Lee,