Pres. Biden providing an update on COVID-19 and raising concerns about cases on the rise. The president says hospitalizations and deaths are also up in some parts of the country.

March 31, 2021
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“I’m reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate.”

President Biden says both cases and deaths have decreased by two-thirds since he took office, but the rising positive cases threaten to change the trajectory.

  • The President says he directed COVID teams to make sure there is a vaccine site within 5 miles of every American. This builds on a plan announced earlier by the president for pharmacies to distribute vaccines.
  • The administration also plans to add 12 mass vaccination sites (where vaccines are distributed while the person is in a car); the president says this drive-thru experience should take less than an hour.
  • Why This Matters: The president’s comments underscore the urgency of the federal government confronting an increase in COVID cases in more than 30 states. He says 90% of adults will be eligible to get vaccinated by April 19th. “…we’re moving toward ’90/90′ by April 19th. That is, by April 19, three weeks from today, 90 percent of adults — people over 18 and over — will be eligible get vaccinated. Ninety percent of all Americans will be living within five miles of a place they can get a shot.”

See the president’s 15-minute address: WATCH OR READ HERE

by Jenna Lee,