President Biden update Aug 24

August 24, 2021
President Biden update Aug 24

The sooner we can finish, the better.

Pres. Biden affirmed the full withdrawal of American troops remains on track for August 31st, as risks rise.
  • The President provided an afternoon update on August 24th.
  • He described the situation on the ground in Afghanistan as "tenuous."
  • President Biden also made not of the increased security risks to American forces, including from ISIS.
  • Why It Matters: Despite multiple reports of an earlier withdrawal, or meetings with the Taliban in order to advocate for a extended timeline, the President says the 31st remains the target date for the end of mission.

    Here's a link to the full transcript of the President's address; he did not take questions.
    Here's our highlight reel of the address:

by Jenna Lee,