President Biden’s Speeches This Week

October 20, 2022

We’re only 22 days away from the most consequential election in our history, in my view …

President Biden on Tuesday as he spoke about abortion laws in America. The U.S. president also spoke about student debt relief on Monday and energy prices on Wednesday, just three weeks before the midterm elections.

Big Picture: President Biden spoke on his administration rolling out the student debt cancellation plan on Monday, abortion laws on Tuesday and gas prices on Wednesday.

  • In all three speeches, Pres. Biden announced actions his administration has taken / is taking with the hopes of helping the American people. He also promised an action for the future: On Tuesday, he said that if voters choose Democratic leaders for Congress, “The first bill that I will send to the Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade.” (In June, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a 1973 ruling by the Supreme Court which established a constitutional right to abortions *with limits.*)
  • Timing: President Biden’s remarks come three weeks before the midterm elections, when voters across the U.S. will choose leaders to serve in the U.S. Congress. Several states will also be voting for local officials and governors. The BBC reports that the outcome of the midterm elections “will have a major impact on the remaining two years of Joe Biden’s presidency, and beyond.”

Transcript of Pres. Biden’s Remarks on Monday: Student Debt Relief

Transcript of Pres. Biden’s Remarks on Tuesday: Abortion

Transcript of Pres. Biden’s Remarks on Wednesday: Energy Security and Lower Costs

by Jenna Lee,