President on Omicron

December 21, 2021
President on Omicron

As we head into the holidays, I want us to all keep the faith.

Pres. Biden during a White House address on the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.
  • The President spoke for approximately 30 minutes – delivering prepared remarks and answering questions.
  • A major theme of the address was the emphasis on vaccinations and booster shots.
  • He announced three key points of action from the federal government: more vaccination sites and facilitators, more testing sites and availability, and more support for hospitals (from protective equipment to military doctors, nurses and medics).
  • Why It Matters: The quick pace of the Omicron variant spread in America is raising concerns from public officials about the preparedness of healthcare facilities a year after the hospitalization/death surge due to the Delta variant.

Here are the President's full remarks

by Jenna Lee,