Princess Kate Reportedly Seen At Farm Shop

March 20, 2024

BTW, for all the skeptics who might not believe this was taken as it’s been relayed to us — we’ve delved into the metadata … and there’s no doubt, this was filmed on Saturday right near the Prince and Princess of Wales’ home in Windsor. So yes, it’s a legitimate video.

Tabloid news company TMZ in an article sharing footage reported to be Princess Kate and Prince William at a farm shop in Windsor, England over the weekend.

Why It Matters: The footage published by both TMZ and British newspaper, The Sun, marks the first footage of Kate since her nearly two-week hospital stay for a “planned abdominal surgery” for an unknown reason in January. Her hospital stay, subsequent absence from the public eye and a family photo released earlier in March (which seemed to backfire as it was taken down by several leading news agencies because of its apparent manipulation) has led to speculation about the Princess, and broader questions about the English monarchy. Kensington Palace has yet to comment on the footage.

Getty, a major global news wire service, announced a review of other images, including those taken by Kate over the years. This raises some questions about how photos were reviewed before shared by the press.

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by Leah Grainery, based in Texas