Protestors Attempt To Damage New Portrait of King Charles

June 12, 2024

The gallery did not wish to report a crime and as such there is no further action by police.

The Metropolitan Police responding to a question about the incident where animal right protestors tried to deface the recently revealed portrait of King Charles.

Why It Matters: The painting is the first portrait of King Charles since his coronation. Advocates wanted to protest the King’s patronage or support of RSPCA – the largest animal charity in the U.K. The group, Animal Rising, says animal mistreatment is happening at RSPCA linked farms: “Even though we hope this is amusing to His Majesty, we also call on him to seriously reconsider if he wants to be associated with the awful suffering across farms being endorsed by the RSPCA. It’s clear from the scenes across 45 RSPCA Assured farms that there’s no kind way to farm animals. The RSPCA needs to take a bolder stance on the transition to a plant-based food system, beginning with calls for drastic meat reduction.” (MORE)

The portrait is on display at a high profile art gallery (Philip Mould) for several weeks before moving to Buckingham Palace. The gallery nor the Royal Family issued an official response.

More from The Metropolitan Police via BBC:

“Staff at the venue were spoken to. They confirmed no damage had been done to either the painting or the glass that covered it. The protestors were asked by staff to leave following the incident, which they did.”

Wallace & Grommit is a British animated series that reportedly King Charles enjoys.

A portrait of King Charles III was defaced in the latest act of activist vandalism

by Jenna Lee,