“Forced” Vaccinations?

In a rare move, NYC requires vaccinations in one neighborhood plagued by measles, as the nation hits the second-highest number of cases in nearly 20 years.


Important Context:

  • What is an aoutbreaka? CDC defines it as 3 or more cases.
  • 7 active outbreaks – linked to outside travelers visiting areas with low vaccination rates.
  • As of Monday, there are 465 cases in 19 states.
  • 2019 = the second-highest number of measles cases in America since disease thought eradicated in 2000.

“There’s no question that vaccines are safe, effective and life-saving.a

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio declaring a public health emergency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, requiring vaccinations for those who live and/or work in a predominately Orthodox Jewish neighborhood where a measles outbreak started in October and has yet to be contained. Williamsburg has 228 confirmed cases of measles since October; 26 cases over the last week.

aI donat think itas up to the city to mandate anything. We all have constitutional rights.”

A local Brooklyn mother in the area impacted giving only the name of "Gitty" to the New York Times for fear of retaliation. The NY Civil Liberties Union criticized the city's "forced vaccinations." While public officials are not physically forcing anyone to be vaccinated, those without vaccination records may face penalties/fine. There are no federal laws on vaccinations. States set vaccination requirements.

Rockland County, NY recently declared a public health emergency outlawing those unvaccinated from visiting public places; A judge temporarily halted the order. Officials worry about further spread of measles as Jewish families gather next week to celebrate Passover.

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