Putin on Meeting with Macron

February 8, 2022

A number of his ideas, proposals … are possible as a basis for further steps.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin after his meeting with President Emmanuel Macron of France. Worries continue that a Russian invasion of Ukraine will lead to further conflict.
  • Macron and Putin met for 5 hours on Monday. Meanwhile, the U.S. president and Germany’s new chancellor met at the White House.
  • This follows Putin’s meeting with the prime minister of Hungary (a member of NATO) last Tuesday and the Chinese president on Friday.
  • President Putin still blames the U.S. and others for antagonizing Russia. Macron said, “President Putin assured me of his readiness to engage. There is no security for the Europeans if there is no security for Russia.”
  • Why It Matters: Diplomacy efforts persist as both NATO and Russia continue to move resources into the region. Macron’s next visit on Tuesday is with Ukraine.

    Putin says proposals made in Macron talks are possible as ‘basis’ for further steps

by Jenna Lee,