QTD Heels on the Frontline in Ukraine

July 27, 2022
"I am myself, and I will never give up my heels for anything."

Nataliia Voronkova is a former adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and now runs her own non-profit. Since 2014, she has worked to provide medical training and equipment for Ukrainian forces fighting against Russia. She wears “red strappy sandals, beige pumps and other elegant footwear” with midi-dresses and full skirts as she drives her van throughout Ukraine to provide troops with first-aid kits, training, and medical advice (Associated Press). Voronkova said, “Every evening when I go to sleep, I ask myself, ‘What good thing have I done today?’ I want people to understand that they come into this world not only to eat, drink, and have fun every day, but to do something good. No day should be wasted.”

Civilian medic commands respect on Ukraine war’s front lines (Associated Press)

by Jenna Lee,