INTERVIEW: QTD L’Heureux Boston Marathon

April 14, 2022
Holding hands
"There's always helpers. There's always good people. There's always something you can find to be grateful for."

SmartHer With L’Heureux

On April 15, 2013, L’Heureux was cheering on runners near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when terrorists detonated two bombs, injuring her and 260+ others; three people died in the attacks that day. In the 9 years since, L’Heureux said she has become a mom, undergone several surgeries, grappled with PTSD and she continues to work hard on finding the “silver linings” in her experience. The Supreme Court recently reinstated the death penalty sentence for the only survivor of the two brothers convicted in the terrorist attacks. The city celebrates One Boston Day on 4/15, a day dedicated to random acts of kindness.

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High court reimposes Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence

by Jenna Lee,