QTD Rabbi David Wolpe Before U.S. Midterm Elections

November 7, 2022
"God has no team. The notion that one party or faction is repository of all virtue is fatuous and dangerous. God is greater than parties. If we catch some of that spirit, perhaps we can begin to heal the deep divisions that beset our nation and our world.”

Rabbi David Wolpe, at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, California, the weekend before the midterm elections in the United States. (BTW ~ “fatuous” = foolish or silly.) Pastors across the country spoke on the midterms during weekend services; a Southern Baptist pastor in Buffalo, New York said, “No candidate or policy will ever achieve perfection in this world. We cannot allow our idealized visions of society to prevent us from seeking workable solutions that care for the flourishing of all people,” encouraging his congregation to vote for people who might work for compromise on important matters.

As midterms near, clergy preach politics and civics lessons (The Associated Press)

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by Jenna Lee,