questions about anchor in CA oil spill

October 7, 2021
questions about anchor in CA oil spill

The pipeline has essentially been pulled like a bow string.

Amplify CEO Martyn Willsher describing his company’s pipeline that led to an oil leak off the West Coast; he says a cargo ship’s anchor may have cracked the pipe.
  • Federal investigators reportedly echo Willsher's description that the pipeline was moved or dragged (according to reports) 100 feet from its original location. (CBS News)
  • The Associated Press did an investigation looking into a cargo ship's unusual movements near the rupture of the pipeline; the Coast Guard is also investigating. The ship in question denies any involvement.
  • Controversy has continued over how long it took both Amplify, a large Texas oil and gas company, and the Coast Guard to respond to reports of an oil leak.

Why It Matters: This has been described as one of the most significant oil spills in recent history and required closing beaches; further questions have surfaced about not only how much oil was spilled (some estimates now say far less than previously thought) but also proper response times to such an emergency.

Investigative work from The Associated Press.

by Jenna Lee,