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“#Michael could be one of the worst hurricanes to ever strike the Florida Big Bend and Florida Panhandle region.”

Rick Knabb, Weather Channel’s hurricane expert, as forecasts now track Hurricane Michael to strengthen to a Category 3 storm, making landfall in Florida Wednesday as the strongest storm to hit the area in 13 years. Life-threatening flash floods are expected as far north as North Carolina.
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“My focus now is to be the best justice I can be.”

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as he was sworn in for a second time at a White House ceremony Monday. Kavanaugh officially became a member of the high court Saturday & will hear cases Tuesday.
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“If an entire engine block is …moved back basically past the driver’s seat, that would indicate that there was a lot of force and energy involved in that crash.”

Robert Sumwalt III, NTSB Head, on the deadly limousine crash in upstate New York killing all 18 occupants, and two pedestrians. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the driver was not properly licensed and the limo had failed inspections just last month. It's the nation's deadliest transportation accident in nine years.
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“We can never surrender to what is happening in the country right now. I understand how divided and how scared a lot of people are and it looks like the fabric of democracy is fraying. We do not surrender.”

Meghan McCain, during her first day back on ABC's "The View" since her father, Sen. John McCain's death, on the state of America's political divide today and keeping her father's legacy alive.
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“…they provide a unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here.”

Live Nation statement announcing President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will go on a 13-city speaking tour. The couple will share "inspiring anecdotes" and discuss "issues of the day" during their tour, which kicks off on November 18th in a 5K-seat Las Vegas auditorium. Tickets go on sale Friday.
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