Quick Quotes for Thursday, September 20th

September 20, 2018
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“United States is prepared to engage immediately in negotiations to transform U.S.-DPRK relations.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on restarting talks immediately in hopes of denuclearizing North Korea (DPRK) by January 2021. The announcement follows a meeting between North & South Korea in which the North's Kim Jong Un agreed to dismantle its nuclear site in front of U.S. & international inspectors.
"When you have two 500-year floods within two years of each other, it’s pretty clear it’s not a 500-year flood.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on the struggle of how and where to rebuild after Hurricane Florence just 2 years after Hurricane Matthew. The Governor says it's time to rethink the strategy & be smarter about recovery. Early estimates have the damage from Florence nearing $20B, but that number is expected to rise.
“I’ll be doing things over the next two weeks having to do with immigration, which I think you’ll be very impressed at.”

Pres. Trump in a wide ranging interview with The Hill newspaper, suggesting more to come on immigration before the midterm elections. He mentioned $1.6B used for repairs and an 80-foot stretch of border wall, as well as his desire for more; the U.S. Southern Border is nearly 2000 miles.
“I can give you lots of reasons but they don’t matter. What matters is it was my responsibility it didn’t happen and I have to be held accountable for it.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban responding to the independent investigation into his team, which found there was improper workplace conduct, including sexual harassment & violence toward female employees. Cuban will donate $10M to women's causes.

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“When Dr. Ford came forward, I said that her voice should be heard and asked the Judiciary Committee to delay its vote on Judge Kavanaugh. It did so. I now implore Dr. Ford to accept the invitation for Monday, in a public or private setting. The committee should hear her voice.”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on the latest attempts to move forward with the accusations facing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
“Here’s why we chose her: She’s not crazy.”

Nancy Antrum, Miami Herald Editorial Page Editor, on the paper's endorsement of Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera who is running in the Republican primary for a South Florida district. Rodriguez Aguilera claims tall, blond aliens kidnapped her at age 7 and took her on a spaceship. The Herald says it does not believe her views or past experiences affect her ability to be an effective public servant.

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by Jenna Lee,