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“God used a lot of people to bring about my freedom.”

Matthew Charles who benefited from the landmark, bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, First Step Act. Charles served more than 2 decades for selling drugs. While in prison, he became a law clerk, mentored other inmates, attended Bible study, and taught a GED class. Charles was the first prisoner released under the new law in January. He is a special guest of the First Lady & President during the State of the Union, along with about a dozen others.
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“This is a reminder for people to be on guard and be up to date on their vaccinations.”

Dr. Umair Shah, exec. dir., Harris County Public Health, speaking about 5 cases of measles in the greater Houston area. Texas is now the 11th state this year with cases of the airborne & highly contagious virus previously thought eradicated in the U.S. The 5 cases incl. 4 toddlers (who all reportedly received the 1st of 2 doses of the vaccine) & a young woman (vaccination record unconfirmed).
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“…it is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry.”

Kristin Celauro, spokeswoman for President Trump's inaugural committee responding to news a New York federal prosecutor issued a subpoena for the committee's funding records. Typically the committee splits inauguration costs with the federal gov't. Previous reports have suggested the NY federal prosecutors are looking into foreign donations as well as whether or not donors received any benefits for their contributions.
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“The Super Bowl is still valuable to so many outlets…That’s because there are so few opportunities to talk to 100 million people at once.”

Allen Adamson, co-founder branding firm Metaforce addressing the juxtaposition between low viewership of the Super Bowl and high ad revenue collected by CBS. Viewership hit a 10-year-low while CBS collected 380M+ in ad revenue, the third most lucrative Super Bowl ever.
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“Our baby Emmy will never be replaced but man, has this little bundle allowed us to feel a small sense of peace…”

Morgan Miller, wife of skier Bode Miller, speaking about the birth of their son, Easton Vaughn Rek Miller. Morgan was pregnant when her toddler daughter "Emmy" drowned in a neighbor's pool while she sat nearby. The Millers spoke out about the painful incident in the hopes of preventing other drownings..
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Other special guests of the Pres during tonight's SOTU incl. a bullied 6th grader w/the last name "Trump", & a family impacted by the crime of an illegal immigrant. Democrats have their own guests that counter the Pres' narrative. See full list.

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