“I feel as if an angel must be looking after me.”

Writer Lee Hall

Writer Lee Hall, who is collaborating with Paul McCartney on a stage-version of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The former Beatle will write the songs for the production, expected to debut next year. This is the first stage musical for McCartney.


“The heat is forecast to be oppressive and dangerous everywhere, with possibly some of the hottest conditions since 2012.”

Chicago's Weather Service Office

Chicago’s Weather Service Office. Over the next 7 days, more than half the United States is expected to experience temperatures of 95 degrees or higher. Heat kills more Americans on average than any other form of extreme weather.


“I wish that all of you would ask me about prescription drugs.”

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI)

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) responding to reporters Wed. as the House voted not to impeach the Pres. after voting to censure him for controversial remarks. The House also voted Wed. to hold the Attorney Gen. & Commerce Sec. in contempt for not complying with an investigation. Some Democrats have voiced concerns about the perception that they are hyper-focused on the administration & not on other legislation.


“We know that Trump isn’t a sweetheart sometimes. But we’re not going for that.”

North Carolina resident Esther Jimenez

North Carolina resident Esther Jimenez who attended a rally for Pres. Trump with her husband. Both come from immigrant families and support the President’s border wall proposal. At one point the crowd chanted to “send her back” – a reference to an immigrant congresswoman who has criticized the President. This is the President’s 6th visit to the state he narrowly won in 2016.


“Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious.”

Lt. Tony Ferderber

Lt. Tony Ferderber describing the reaction as local police in Brigham City, Utah responded to a call about a young man holding up a sign that said, “ICE COLD BEER” – only to realize he was selling ROOT beer. Setting up drink stands (for lemonade or root beer) without city permits is only allowed in 14 states – Utah is one of them.



Sir Paul McCartney to write It’s A Wonderful Life musical

Widespread, oppressive and dangerous heat to roast much of the U.S. through the weekend

According to the National Weather Service, 51 percent of the Lower 48 states are likely to see air temperatures reach or exceed 95 degrees during the next seven days, with 85 percent experiencing temperatures above 90 degrees during the same period.

House Votes to Kill Trump Impeachment Resolution

Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the No. 3 House Democrat, conceded on Wednesday that the party was having a hard time focusing voters’ attention on the minimum wage or any other policy they were pushing.

aThe American people need to be informed about what it is their legislators are doing,  Mr. Clyburn lamented during an interview on CNN, and not be so preoccupied with a lawless president who seems not to care much about the law.a

Send her back, crowd chants at Rep. Omar during Trump campaign rally in NC

Also among the Trump supporters was Byron Jimenez, a native of Guatemala. Jimenez, 56, became a citizen in the 1980s and now lives in Raleigh with his wife Esther, who was born in Los Angeles after her family immigrated from Mexico.

The couple said they care more about “family values” than Trump’s immigration policy, but said they support Trump’s effort to build a wall on the southern border.

“I think they’ve got to approach it the legal way,” Jimenez said of people entering the country. He said he worries that immigrants entering the country illegally are doing so to smuggle drugs.

“This place is a blessing. This is a place we need to take care of,” he said.

Esther Jimenez said she appreciates that Trump is anti-abortion and wants to protect Americans.

“We know that Trump isn’t a sweetheart sometimes. But we’re not going for that. We’re going for what he’s teaching,” she said.

Trump slams 4 congresswomen; crowd chants, ‘Send her back!’

It was Trump’s sixth visit to the state as president and his first 2020 campaign event in North Carolina, where he defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.


An 11-year-old’s clever ‘ice cold beer’ sign sure got the cops’ attention