aWe are flirting in uncharted territory.a

National Weather Serviceas Storm Prediction Center meteorologist Patrick Marsh on the spate of tornadoes churning through the central United States. Tuesday marked the 12th day of more than 8 tornadoes reported *everyday* - a record not seen, according to Marsh, in nearly 40 years.

aIf you oversupply, people will die.a

An attorney representing the state of Oklahoma, Brad Beckworth, in his opening remarks in a landmark case vs. Johnson & Johnson. Oklahoma accuses J&J of helping ignite the state's opioid epidemic by promoting its painkillers; J&J denies this, arguing its products help people in chronic pain & have warning labels. The first of its kind case will be closely watched as two large pharmaceutical companies settled with the state, avoiding trial.

“Having created the constitutional right to an abortion, this court is duty bound to address its scope.a

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas writing in an opinion as America's highest court rules on an Indiana abortion law, allowing parts of it to stand while also deferring to a lower court decision. As states pass more restrictive abortion laws, a big question remains about which laws, if any, the Supreme Court will consider.

“Sometimes you have to speak it into existence. Be careful what you ask for.”

Louisiana mother Chantelle Gary on her daughter receiving more than 139 college acceptance letters & nearly $9M in scholarships. Gary, a single mother, home-schooled her daughter until she enrolled in an accelerated high school/college program; Gary continues to home school other children. Read her story on our source page.


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