recall election california

September 13, 2021
recall election california

The results will tell me how much work we’ve got ahead of us.

Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Mark Gonzalez, on the impact of California’s recall election.
  • The recall election for California's Governor Gavin Newsom will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 14th.
  • More than 40 Californians are challenging the governor's current role.
  • Californian voters will have to weigh-in on two issues on the ballot – whether to recall Gov. Newsom and who should replace him. If enough constituents vote to recall Gov. Newsom, then whoever gets the most votes will become governor.
  • Interesting Fact: A recall election led to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger taking office – the state's last Republican governor.
  • Why It Matters: California is the nation's most populated state and one the largest economies in the world. Many political watchers turn to this race to get the pulse of voters (how engaged or inspired are either groups, Republicans and Democrats?) in the traditionally blue (Democratic) state.

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