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As mystery still clouds the mass shooting in VA last week, here’s a closer look at a gun control measure with growing bipartisan support.

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What Are Red Flag Laws?

  • Targets those who raise “red flags” – warning signs of potential harm to themselves or others.
  • Law enforcement &/or family can obtain a court order temporarily seizing a gun owner’s guns.
  • Order can be contested by owner or extended by court.
  • Laws vary state by state about who can raise “red flags.” In some, guns can be seized for a year.
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  • First red flag law passed in CT 1999; gained momentum after 2018 Parkland HS shooting where shooter raised clear concerns prior to crime.
  • Before 2018, five, mostly blue or Democrat, states (CA, CT, IN, OR & WA) passed red flag laws.
  • Since then, 10 more (CO, DE, FL, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VT) & D.C. have passed red flag laws.
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aIt focuses on individuals rather than just casting a wide net or banning a particular weapon.”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Todd Stephens (R) who says a lifetime NRA member shared the concept with him before he became an advocate for it. The law has yet to come up this year in PA's Republican controlled gov't; the NRA opposed it in the past. PA & Maine are two states that historically value gun owners' rights, considering the law.
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aThe biggest issue with all these bills is due process. A person is going to lose their rights based on a third-party allegation. Theyave never been convicted of a crime. Theyave never been adjudicated mentally ill. Thatas not how our system of justice should work.a

National Rifle Association Western Director Dan Reid. Critics worry the laws violate the Second Amendment, and in some states don't allow a gun owner to properly defend themselves in court.
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In April, Colorado became the 15th state to pass a red flag law. The law is being challenged on a procedural issue, but the challengers promise a Second Amendment lawsuit. To date, no red flag laws have been recalled or overturned.

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