Rep. Chip Roy (R-Tx) Questioning Republican Lawmakers Who Object to Electoral College Votes in Six States for Pres-Elect Joe Biden Given Their Choice Not to Object to the Election of Congress Members Who Won on the Same Ballots in Those States.

January 5, 2021

… it would confound basic human reason if the presidential results were to face objection while the congressional results of the same process escaped without public scrutiny.

  • On Sunday when the new Congress was sworn in, Rep. Roy objected to the seating of new House members in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin , stating those states’ “results have been called into question.
  • In a statement following his objection, Rep. Roy noted that some of his colleagues will object to the counting of the Electoral College votes in today’s joint session to count the 2020 presidential election votes due to their “deeply held” beliefs that the elections in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were “plagued by statewide, systemic fraud and abuse.”
  • Rep. Roy’s statement notes that the new Congress members sworn in on Sunday “were elected through the very same systems — with the same ballot procedures, with the same signature validations, with the same broadly applied decisions of executive and judicial branch officials — as were the electors chosen for the President of the United States,” and therefore questions why his Republicans colleagues have opted to selectively object to the presidential election results.
  • Why It Matters: Congressman Roy highlights a split in the Republican party over this very issue of objecting to the Electoral College vote.

by Jenna Lee,