Representative Evan Jenne, a Leading Democrat in Florida, on the Election of 2020. Data Shows Republicans Significantly Reduce the Gap with Democrats in Voter Registration in the Sunshine State.

October 18, 2020

At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to whose folks are most motivated.

  • Voter registration data shows Republicans narrowed the gap of voter registration, to the “lowest point in three decades…” with Democrats, who use to have a sizable lead according to Politico.
  • “The shift means the two parties, statistically speaking, are almost evenly matched when it comes to raw numbers, with Democrats holding a narrow 1 percent lead.” (Politico).
  • Some Democrats say the gains by Republicans will not translate into votes. Others suggest voter registration reflects enthusiasm, and will benefit Republicans.
  • Why It Matters: At the end of the day, an election is won by votes – not by voters who register. But the higher the number of people registered, the higher potential for votes to be cast and counted. And both parties want whatever advantage possible.

Here’s a guide to voter registration so you can look up the requirements in your state

by Jenna Lee,