Rescued Eaglet Reunited with Parents

June 7, 2024

“They just can’t catch a break. They were good parents, and it’s just that you can’t fight this stupid Texas weather.”

Middle school teacher Bryna Thomson, commenting on Nick and Nora, bald eagle parents with a fan following and their own live cam.

Why It Matters: After two years without a successful clutch (amount of eggs laid), Nick and Nora, bald eagles who settled near White Rock Lake in East Dallas, parented two eaglets. A severe storm damaged the nest and scattered the babies who hadn’t yet learned to fly. Residents in a neighborhood near the nest searched for the lost eaglets. They found one, Henley, who recovered at a nearby raptor rehabilitation center (with permission from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services).

Specialists released the eaglet back to the area, in hopes of a family reunion. And, according to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, that reunion occurred earlier this week.

HERE is Nick and Nora’s live cam.

Did You Know? In 2007, the federal government removed bald eagles from the endangered species list, but states can choose to keep animals on the list because of habitat threats and nest disturbances.

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Blackland Prairie Raptor Center Facebook Story

Photo Credit: Bryna Thomson

by Karly Code, based in Kentucky