Research on Dry January and Encouragement from Anthony Hopkins for the New Year

January 2, 2023

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and also to say I’m celebrating 47 years today of sobriety.

Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins reflecting on his sobriety and offering a word of encouragement as 2023 kicks off.

Did You Know? In 2022, 35% of legal-aged U.S. adults took part in “Dry January,” a month-long challenge to abstain from drinking alcohol. Research indicates that people who participate in the one-month break from alcohol typically experience lasting benefits. Adopting these habits for a month can help establish a foundation to build off of while yielding immediate benefits – like better sleep, weight loss, and increased energy. One study found that those who took part in Dry January still drank significantly less, on average, when followed up with the next August.

The benefits of ‘Dry January’ last longer than a month, studies show (Washington Post)

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by Jenna Lee,