RFK Jr. Announces Running Mate: Nicole Shanahan

March 26, 2024

If you are one of those disillusioned republicans, I welcome you to join me, a disillusioned democrat, in this movement to unify and heal America.

Tech lawyer Nicole Shanahan during her acceptance speech to become the running mate of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s independent ticket for the White House.

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Why It Matters: The announcement of a VP completes Kennedy’s ticket; a running mate is also required in many states to get on the ballot, a key goal for RFK Jr. without being part of a major party.

A few highlights of her speech:

She’s 38 years old.

She was born to an immigrant mother from China; she describes her father as having a series of troubles, including mental health issues.

Her family used food stamps when needed.

Despite some of these challenges, she would rise to become one of the most prominent lawyers in Silicon Valley. She married the co-founder of Google: Sergey Brin.

They recently divorced but have a young daughter together.

Her daughter has an autism diagnosis – which she attributes to several factors including toxins in the environment. 

According to The Washington Post: She has donated to democrat campaigns and also donated million to RFK:

“From 2013 to last year, campaign finance records show Shanahan, who has remained relatively unknown in politics, supported Democrats and made a $25,000 donation in 2020 to support President Biden. She has also donated millions to Kennedy’s campaign and super PAC, and made headlines after contributing $4 million to a commercial that ran for him during the Super Bowl.”

Who is Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vice presidential pick?

55 Things You Need to Know About Nicole Shanahan

by Jenna Lee,