Rising gas prices take a pause

March 13, 2022
High fuel prices in the United States have not yet affected demand, according to Patrick De Haan, lead analyst at GasBuddy.com.

US gasoline demand showing zero signs of destruction …

Patrick De Haan, lead analyst at Gasbuddy.com, on higher fuel prices not impacting demand (yet). The price of fuel has now slightly dipped below its record level.
  • After hitting a record national average last week (an average of $4.33 per gallon), gas prices have taken a brief dip/pause (likely due to a small drop in oil prices).
  • De Haan says more increases in prices *still* may occur.
  • The price of crude oil went down slightly last week as the market reeled from volatility created by Russia's war on Ukraine.
  • Why It Matters: We are seeing record high gas prices in the U.S., but they have yet to slow down demand.

Patrick's Tweet with this quote: READ HERE

Here's a look at the AAA fuel gauge commonly used to understand gas prices nationwide.

U.S. gasoline prices edge lower after hitting record high last week

by Jenna Lee,