“Rosies” Awarded Historic Congressional Honor

April 10, 2024

We weren’t in the trenches, but we built everything that our fighting men needed. And I thought that they should at least give us credit for what we did.

98-year-old Mae Krier who advocated for years to have the congressional gold medal awarded to the millions of women in World War II who helped the war effort.

Why It Matters: During World War II, an estimated 6 million+ women contributed to the war effort by joining the workforce in the United States. The Congressional Gold Medal is the nation’s highest civilian honor – It has been awarded since 1776. The first recipient? Pres. George Washington.

Real-life ‘Rosie the Riveters’ reunite in D.C. to win the nation’s top civilian honor

Image: War Production Co-Ordinating Committee, U. S. C. (1942) We Can Do It! Rosie the Riveter. United States of America, 1942. [Place of Publication Not Identified: Publisher Not Identified, to 1943] [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/2021669753/.

History of “Rosies”

by Jenna Lee,