Russia attacks civilians trying to flee

March 7, 2022
Russian military attacks Ukrainians trying to flee.

It’s a miracle I am still alive.

Ukrainian Lyubov Tarasyk, trying to escape a suburb of the nation’s capital. Russians attacked civilians trying to evacuate.
  • Ukrainian civilians were killed while attempting to flee Irpin (near Kyiv); others remain trapped in places such as Mariupol, where the International Committee of the Red Cross was trying to establish humanitarian corridors (safe travel routes) for civilians who want to leave.
  • Russia claims Ukrainian nationalists are responsible; there is no evidence to support this claim.
  • Why It Matters: As Russians and Ukrainians have plans to enter diplomatic talks for the third time Monday, Russian attacks have increased – including on civilians.

    Russian Artillery Kills Ukrainian Civilians Fleeing Kyiv Suburb

by Jenna Lee,