Russia includes Taliban

October 20, 2021
Russia includes Taliban

What Russia wants to show is that it does have a solid working relationship with the new authorities in Afghanistan.

Writer and analyst Samuel Ramani, Royal United Services Institute (a think tank), on Russia inviting the Taliban to an international meeting.
  • Ramani went on to say, "It’s a way of flattering them (the Taliban), giving them legitimacy without recognizing them."
  • The meeting included China, India, Pakistan and Iran (and others) – but the U.S. did not attend.
  • The topic of the meeting: Afghanistan and the future of the country.
  • Why It Matters: In close proximity to Afghanistan and with a history of conflict between the two countries, Russia has a vested interest in a stable nation that does not become a safe haven for terrorist groups or Islamists who threaten its position.

Russia Faces Difficult Balancing Act as It Hosts Taliban in Moscow

by Jenna Lee,