Russia president covid

September 14, 2021
Russia president covid

The president is absolutely healthy.

Spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, on Pres. Putin isolating due to exposure to COVID-19.
  • Mr. Peskov went on to say: “We all know that the vaccine is guaranteed to protect you from serious consequences, but cases of illness are still possible." (Pres. Putin was vaccinated in April.)
  • Pres. Putin was reportedly exposed to multiple people with COVID-19 and decided to self-isolate.
  • Before he made that decision, he met with Paralympic athletes and Syrian Pres. Assad. Spokesman: “No one’s health was put in danger."
  • Why It Matters: This story is a reminder that the prevalence of COVID-19 remains high, and impacts those at the highest level of government.
  • Timing: With Belarus and others, Russia is currently holding what some describe as the largest European military exercise in 40 years.

Putin to self-isolate due to COVID cases among inner circle

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