Russia Recap

November 30, 2018
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An ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

A guilty plea by President Trump’s former lawyer.

A cancelled meeting at the G20.

Russia finds itself at the center of several controversial stories.

Why It Matters

Ukraine Conflict

  • Sunday: Russia fired on 3 Ukrainian vessels, capturing 24 crew members in the Black Sea.
  • Monday: Ukraine approved 30-day martial law to boost defense.
  • Thursday: Ukraine urged NATO to send troops vs. Russian hostility.
  • Friday: Ukraine banned Russian men aged 16 – 60 from entry.
  • Russia says Ukraine’s Pres. is posturing before his elections.

Michael Cohen

  • Thursday: In connection with Special Counsel’s Russia probe, Pres. Trump’s former lawyer pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about pursuing a Moscow real estate project on behalf of Trump in 2016.
  • August: Pleaded guilty to 8 counts unrelated to Trump or Russia.
  • Pres. Trump says Cohen is lying to get a reduced sentence.

Pres. Vladimir Putin

  • Saturday: Pres. Trump was scheduled to meet with the Russian Pres. on sidelines of the G20 in what would have been their first meeting since this summer’s Helsinki Summit.
  • Topics expected to be discussed were the uncertainty over future of a Cold War-era arms treaty, as well as security issues in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and North Korea.

The Kremlin expressed regret over the cancelled meeting, but a foreign ministry spokeswoman quoted by Russian news agencies questioned the motivation for cancelling the meeting, saying I believe we should look for answers in the U.S. domestic political situation.’

by Jenna Lee,