Russia Response to Questions on Airbases Abroad

January 27, 2022

To run ahead and say we want a base there or that we agreed on something would be absolutely wrong. That would be provoking tensions in the world.

Former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, who now serves on Russia’s security council, addressing questions over adding airbases in Latin America.
  • Airbases in Latin America would provide Russia a strategic position vs. the United States mainland.
  • Pres. Putin held calls with Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela – all nations that have adversarial relationships with the U.S. (Cuba is a designated state sponsor of terror).
  • The U.S. has sent a letter (a formal response) to address Russia’s demands as NATO wants to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • Sec. of State Blinken added on Wednesday: “If Russia invades, civilians — including Americans still in Ukraine — could be caught in a conflict zone between combatant forces. The U.S. government may not be in a position to aid individuals in these circumstances.”
  • Bigger Picture via NYT: “The Kremlin is seeking to rewrite Europe’s post-Cold War order to give Russia a sphere of influence in Eastern Europe — something that Mr. Putin says is critical to Russia’s long-term security. Mr. Putin has threatened unspecified “military-technical” measures if the West does not accede to Russia’s demands.”

The New York Times provides rolling updates HERE on tensions between Russia and Ukraine/NATO/US.

by Jenna Lee,