Russia strikes Ukraine following bridge explosion

October 10, 2022
Traffic in Kyiv, Russia.

I think they wanted to hit the university building and the monument to Hrushevsky. Those are important symbols for us, it was a symbolic attack.

Ukrainian citizen Valerii Badakh following a series of attacks in 10 cities around Ukraine. Russia said the attacks are in response to a targeted explosion of a major Russia-Crimea bridge over the weekend, which Putin deemed a “terrorist attack.”

Why It Matters: Russia launched widespread missile attacks during Monday morning rush hour, marking a significant escalation of military force. Many key infrastructure facilities were targeted; Ukraine citizens have been warned of temporary blackouts, limited water supply, and disrupted communication. The attacks hit multiple regions, including Kyiv, the capital city.

A BBC report from a journalist on the ground in Ukraine.

Russia strikes Kyiv, multiple Ukrainian cities; many dead (The Associated Press)

Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia (BBC)

by Jenna Lee,