Russian hackers target US airports

October 11, 2022
Airplane landing on runway with bright yellow sky as backdrop

No internal airport systems were compromised and there were no operational disruptions.

Los Angeles International Airport managers following a cyberattack from Russian-speaking hackers. More than a dozen U.S. airport websites were hacked on Monday, but no major impacts have been reported.

Why It Matters: Some of the nation's largest airports were targeted in a cyberattack, though no major security breach was found. A group of pro-Russian hackers called Killnet – who are "politically motivated to support the Kremlin" with uncertain ties to Russian authorities – are responsible for the attack. They have also claimed responsibility for hacking U.S. state government websites last week, as well as the U.S. Congress website in recent months.

  • Important Context: The hackers use a type of attack called "distributed denial of service" (DDoS) in which computer servers are flooded with false web traffic to cause disruption. “DDoS attacks are favored by actors of varying sophistication because they have visible results, but these incidents are usually superficial and short lived,” explained John Hultquist, a vice president at Mandiant, a Google-owned cybersecurity firm.

Hackers knock some U.S. airport websites offline (The Washington Post)

Russian-speaking hackers knock multiple US airport websites offline. No impact on operations reported (CNN)

by Jenna Lee,