San Francisco Hit By “Bomb Cyclone”

February 6, 2024

It’s really just a measure of how quickly the storm has strengthened. Essentially, there’s a speed limit. But this means the storm is going to reach the speed limit faster.

National Weather Service meteorologist Dalton Behringer explaining the term “bomb cyclone” – a weather event contributing to a strong storm that impacted Northern California over the past two days.

What To Know: A storm bringing wind gusts up to 102 mph impacted the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday and Monday; as of Monday night, tens of thousands of businesses and homes in the area had no power. Bomb cyclones can occur when a mass of cold air meets a mass of warm air, leading to a quickly intensifying storm. The storm resulted in three known deaths, 300+ reported fallen trees, landslides and a flood watch.

Big Picture: This weather comes amid broader storms sweeping across California, with around 38 million people in the state under flood alerts as of Tuesday morning. Find live updates HERE.

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by Sarah Pinkerton,