Sec. of State Mike Pompeo on Rockets Fired at the u.s. Embassy in Baghdad From Iran-Backed Militias.

December 20, 2020
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These violent and corrupt criminals must cease their destabilizing actions.

Here’s the Sec. of State’s full tweet:

“Iran-backed militias once again flagrantly and recklessly attacked in Baghdad, wounding Iraqi civilians. The people of Iraq deserve to have these attackers prosecuted. These violent and corrupt criminals must cease their destabilizing actions.”

What Happened: According to reports, 8 rockets were launched at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in the “Green Zone” (secure area) in Iraq’s capital. One Iraqi soldier was reportedly injured.

Context: Top Iranian General Suleimani was killed on Jan. 3, 2019, targeted by the Trump administration. Pres. Trump called him the “number-one terrorist anywhere in the world.” A rocket attack last month injuring several Iraqis, and killing one child.

Why It Matters: As the one-year “anniversary” of Suleimani’s death approaches, tensions continue to increase between America and Iran. Iran has been designated a state sponsor of terror since the early 1980s by the U.S. government. The Trump administration announced a withdrawal of some U.S. troops from Iraq by mid-January and continues diplomatic efforts that some see as a way to counter Iranian aggression (for example – brokering agreements between Middle Eastern nations and Israel).

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by Jenna Lee,