Second Day of Hearing for Supreme Court Nominee

March 22, 2022
Supreme Court Nominee answers questions on the second day of Senate confirmation hearing.

A judge is not playing a numbers game.

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson responding to criticism by some Republicans that she was too lenient in her sentencing for certain convicted criminals.
  • Judge Jackson says she has to consider many factors when sentencing for a crime — including the impact on the victim(s) as well as the circumstances of the case.
  • Several Republican lawmakers have challenged whether she was tough enough (either according to their standards, or recommendations of prosecutors or federal guidelines) against convicted criminals, including those in possession of child pornography.
  • Why It Matters: While the challenge to Judge Jackson's record does not appear to have the groundswell to impact her confirmation to the Supreme Court, it does reflect a larger attack ahead of the midterm elections by Republicans on Democrats for being "soft on crime."

Jackson pushes back at GOP critics, defends judicial record

by Jenna Lee,