Senate approves permanent Daylight Saving Time

March 16, 2022

No more switching clocks, more daylight hours to spend outside after school and after work, and more smiles — that is what we get with permanent Daylight Saving Time.

Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the original cosponsor of the bipartisan bill known as the Sunshine Protection Act.
  • The U.S. Senate unanimously approved the Sunshine Protection Act yesterday, which proposes permanent daylight savings time.
  • The bill is not yet final. In order to become law, it needs to be approved in the House and signed by President Biden.
  • Lawmakers make the case that the biannual time change can be harmful to society; examples include disrupted sleep cycles, increased depression, and overall negative impacts on health.

Why It Matters: The Sunshine Protection Act would end setting clocks back one hour in November. If made into a law, it would go into effect in November 2023.

What to Know About the Permanent Daylight-Saving Time Bill Passed by the Senate

A Groggy Senate Approves Making Daylight Saving Time Permanent

by Jenna Lee,