Senators visit Ukraine

January 18, 2022
Senators visit Ukraine

Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and the actions that they are planning today, represent the most serious assault on the post-World War II order in our lifetime.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) who, along with a group of bipartisan senators, made this statement in Ukraine as a show of support for the Ukrainian government.
  • 7 senators traveled to Ukraine and met with the nation's president.
  • Sec. of State Blinken will *also* visit this week on what the Associated Press calls a "hastily arranged trip" before more meetings in Germany.
  • Reports: Russia has slowly evacuated its embassy and other diplomatic outposts in Ukraine – a claim that Russia denies.
  • This report comes just as Microsoft shared the discovery of malware infecting Ukraine's government websites, following a massive cyberattack Friday. The culprits have not been identified.
  • Questions linger about whether Russia will invade Ukraine, as Russian troops amass at the border and diplomatic talks with counterparts in Europe appear unproductive.
  • In simple terms: Russia feels NATO (a defense alliance of mostly western nations which share similar values) is coming too close to its eastern borders, courting countries such as Ukraine as allies. But the NATO alliance has voiced concern about Russian aggression – either through military action in Ukraine (not a NATO nation) or westward.

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by Jenna Lee,