Sexy Selfie Study

September 6, 2018

Studying The Selfie

New research says we’re looking at sexy selfies all wrong.

Flip: Bottom Line

Selfie Study

  • Researchers looked at social media posts in 183 countries.
  • Results: More “sexy selfies” come from places, like U.S., where women have more opportunities.
  • Why? Researchers say areas with greater upward mobility often have higher income inequality.
  • Analysis:A Sexy selfies “sell”; reflect desire to climb in social status.
"So, when a young woman adjusts her bikini provocatively with her phone at the ready, don’t think of her as vacuous or as a victim. Think of her as a strategic player in a complex social and evolutionary game. She’s out to maximise her lot in life, just like everyone."

Dr Khandis Blake, lead author, UNSW Science’s School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

What Do Men
Have To Do With It?

Not as much as you might think.

Study: Women post more sexy selfies in countries with less gender discrimination.

Researchers: sexy selfies play to primitive instincts of women to compete with other women,A for higher status, and finding a mate.

“In evolutionary terms, these kinds of behaviors are completely rational, even adaptive. The basic idea is that the way people compete for mates, and the things they do to put themselves at the top of the hierarchy are really important.” Read more about the study here:

by Jenna Lee,