Shipping crisis because of Ukraine war

March 9, 2022
Cargo ships stuck or disrupted due to war with Ukraine.

This shock to global grain supply is the biggest supply shock since the OPEC oil cuts in the 1970s.

Campbell University professor Salvatore Mercogliano, a former merchant mariner, on disruption in shipping due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
  • The war has shut down the second-largest grain exporting region on the planet.
  • Hundreds of ships are stuck on the coast of Ukraine — leaving thousands of sailors effectively stranded in Ukrainian ports. Other Ukrainian and Russian sailors are stuck in various ports around the world, which also impacts shipping schedules/routes.
  • Several ships have been struck by missiles in the Black Sea; according to Ukrainian officials, one sailor has been killed and several others injured.
  • Why This Matters: Professor Mercogliano says, "It will mean food shortages in the Middle East and Africa, and inflation across the world.”

Hundreds of Ships Trapped by Ukraine War, Endangering Sailors and Global Trade

by Jenna Lee,